Wisconsin Auction License

Wisconsin Auction License

Every applicant who applies for a Wisconsin auction license should:

  • Complete a specified course of study at an acknowledged school (it has to be approved by the board).
  • Obtain a practice or apprenticeship for at least one year under an authorized master in the same state.
  • Have been the principal salesman in a minimum of five auctions of either real or personal property during this period,  and
  • Submit acceptable proof of these qualifications to the Board.

Make sure that a recommendation from an employer is the application as well.

If a course of study has not been completed at an accredited school, in that case, the individual needs to have an apprenticeship of 24 months with a master. That person ought to have been the principal salesperson in at least 10 deals of actual or personal property.

Statewide Requirements

For your information, the hiring company usually asks for one of some motor vehicle business certifications. It is usually based on who owns the machines it sells and who purchases them.

You need to obtain a wholesale AD license if an auction trades machines that authorized dealers or manufacturers own to other authorized dealers only. There are no retail sales. In case the auction sells to the public for one dealership exclusively, you should get a Salesperson certification.

Additionally, there are some cases when you do not even need a qualification, especially when the dealer trades machines repossessed by finance companies to the general public. This works in case the auction sells vehicles for:

  1. An individual who sells his cars to more than one private person who aims to sell no more than a total of three vehicles
  2. A business that manages its automobiles to market when those have been privately titled

Please note that the corporation cannot be sold to a business that hires, rents, or manufactures vehicles.

Fee Structure

Only the Board has the right to determine the amount of the fee for each auctioneer. Generally, it should not be more than $250. As for the ones in an apprenticeship, the amount should not exceed $100. According to this system, the annual charge for an auctioneer needs to be no more than $25 per year.

In addition, you can have a fee reduction due to state law. So, according to WI Act 319, starting from August 1, 2018, an individual who applies for an initial credential may have a reduction of its charge. In general, it is equal to 10% of the whole amount.

Wisconsin Auction License Renewal

In the case of the Minnesota auction license, you should renew it every year. However, here the rules are different. The necessary renewal date can be 12/14 months or even years. Note that you should receive your primary qualification in the months leading up to this date. Then, on the legally defined date, you may renew your license.

Please note that salesmen should hold a present salesperson’s permit. Usually, the Department of Revenue manages the issuance.

Temporary Permit

In general, the Department will probably grant a temporary permit to applicants who apply to register by examination. It makes them eligible to practice for two months. Also, the charge will be an extra $10 temporary permit fee.

It is impossible to extend or renew it. Applicants who have not passed the exam are not eligible to practice until they pass the exam and are registered.

For more information, you can apply…

The Department of Safety and Professional Services

Working Hours: 7:45 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
From Monday to Friday
Email address: [email protected]

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