Wisconsin License Plate Lookup

Wisconsin License Plate Lookup

This article is here to reveal all the details about License Plate Lookup in Wisconsin. Above all, you can get complete information on other procedures. For example, registration of the vehicle, renewal of the registration, transferring and surrendering of the license plates, fees, etc.

We are here to stress the importance of License Plate Lookup. Firstly, it will help you to reveal many “secrets” about the car. Secondly, Wisconsin License Plate Lookup will enable its resident to get detailed information on the vehicle’s past owner, reports, and accidents. Thirdly, the search helps a lot when you want to buy a car. Knowing the car’s history, you can decide whether to purchase it or not.

Many online websites offer license plate lookup services, but we suggest that you use only official websites for the search.

Why do we need license plate lookup?

If you are going to buy a new car, you should know that you cannot drive without registration and a license plate. Before purchasing the car, you can use the services of license plate lookup in Wisconsin. It will show the vehicle’s status and provide you with the car’s specifications, history of accidents. Besides, it will protect you from buying a stolen or damaged car.

However, you will not receive personal info about the driver. You have to comply with the strict Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) laws in Wisconsin. Moreover, you must have an acceptable purpose for using the received info. The violation of the DPPA laws will bring legal consequences.

You can perform Wisconsin license plate lookup via 3 methods:

  • Visit the local DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) office. Although you should drive to the office and spend some time waiting, you will receive the requested info on the spot.
  • Another option is to use the online services of Wisconsin License Plate Lookup. Firstly, you need to know the number of the plate. Then, you can visit the official website of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and complete the application form. After all, you will get the requested records by mail.
  • Another option is to hire a local tag agent. This may be an expensive but reliable method of plate lookup.

The record of the vehicle will give you short info on:

  • Vehicle’s title,
  • Involvement in accidents and thefts,
  • Loan information,
  • The status of the odometer,
  • Report on car’s defects,
  • Registration issues and ownership.

Where and how to register a vehicle in Wisconsin?

If you are a newcomer in Wisconsin, or you bought a new car, the first thing that you need to do is to title and register your car. You cannot operate your vehicle on the roads of Wisconsin without registration. The Division of Motor vehicles (DMV) is a state body that is responsible for a wide range of license plate-related issues.

You have to register your vehicle or display a temporary plate within 2 days after purchasing it. Moreover, all out-of-state license plates must be replaced according to the law.

Options for registration

There are three methods of vehicle’s titling and registration:

  • Personally visiting the local DMV office,
  • Completing the MV1 application form online,
  • By mail.

Any of these three options require a completed MV1 application form. The latter consists of a set of questions. You just need to answer them. The eMV system will automatically fill out the registration application form. The system will also tell you what additional documents you need. Once the application and documents are complete, you can send them online. You may also print out the paper sample and send it to the DMV office by mail.

If you visit the DMV office personally, make sure to have a valid ID (for example, Wisconsin Driver’s License). Also have the police report on the car’s history, and the completed application form.

You also need to choose the period of valid registration, such as annual, biennial, quarterly, consecutive monthly registration.

You can get detailed info on the registration fees on the website of the Department of Transportation.

Which Kind of License Plates are Available in Wisconsin?

In addition to standard license plates, the Wisconsin DMV offers other options for license plates. They are here to describe a citizen’s personal or organizational interests.

Check the main types:

  1. Personalized,
  2. Disability,
  3. Specialty license plates.

Firstly, personalized license plates include both numbers and letters. The writing on the plate must be acceptable to the public. They cannot contain offensive or vulgar language. Plates can have up to 7 characters. The application for vanity plates may be rejected for several reasons, check out WI banned license plates page for more info.

Secondly, the disability license plates are here to ensure the proper realization of the special needs of disabled people. These plates allow them to park in specially designed parking zones. Furthermore, these placards can be issued to people and veterans with temporary or permanent disabilities.

Finally, the specialty plates are here to identify the organizational, military, university, and other resident needs.  residents.

Renewal of the Wisconsin License Plate.

At least one month before the plate’s expiration date, the DMV sends renewal notices by mail. You need to renew the registration once a year for cars, even if you have not got the renewal notice. Late registration will cause late fees.

There are 3 options available for the renewal:

  • In-person. To clarify, you visit the local DMV office or apply for the service of tag agents. Make sure that you have the renewal notice, valid insurance, and required fees with you. You will receive the new license plate tag and the certificate immediately on the spot. The service fee is $3. Alternatively, when you apply to the agent, you will get the renewal sticker and certificate from the agent. In this case, the service fees can vary.
  • Online. Using the renewal notice’s details and a valid banking card, you can perform online renewal of license plates. You will get a new plate’s tag and the certificate within a week.
  • By mail. In short, you send the renewal notice and the fees to the DMV office by mail. In this case, you will receive a new plate’s tag and the certificate within 10 days.

How to Replace License Plates or the Plates’ tags?

Although the process of damaging or losing the plates/stickers is frustrating, you can replace them quickly and easily. You can do the replacement by visiting the DMV office or by phoning them as soon as possible. If you find your plates or stickers stolen, you will need to visit the nearest police station and fill out a report. After the police report, you can go to the DMV office.

Make sure to have with you all the needed documents:

  • Police Report,
  • Valid ID and social security number,
  • Completed application for the replacement of license plate/sticker,
  • Required fees.

The state considers it illegal to drive a car without stickers or plates.

Car tags can be replaced by phoning the DMV office. You just need to verify the plate’s number and the vehicle’s identification number. The state will send you a new car tag by mail within 24 hours.

How to Transfer or Surrender License Plates in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, the state links the plates to the owner’s name rather than to the vehicle. So, if you sell your vehicle, you can transfer your valid plate to another vehicle of the SAME TYPE. You can also convey your license plate to your wife/husband or family member of same-sex.

The expiration date of the plate remains the same. Moreover, you do not need to pay for the transfer.  The service is free.

Transferring can be done via online services of the Department of Transportation. You must answer the questions of the MV1 online form. Then, the system will automatically complete your transfer request.

However, if you choose to do the transfer personally, you should visit the local DMV office. Have the following documents with you:

  • Valid ID,
  • Proof of insurance,
  • The license name and vehicle’s title match,
  • Proof about the undergone inspection of the vehicle.

How to surrender license plates?

In Wisconsin, license plates belong to the state. You can surrender your plates if they are old enough or damaged. You also need to surrender your plates if you donated your car and do not need plates anymore.

The DMV suggests three options of surrendering: online, in-person, or calling.  If you choose to surrender your plates online, you need to fill out the same form for a replacement. Then, the old license plates will be taken, and the DMV will issue new license plates for you. The new ones will be sent to you by mail.

If you do not need your license plates, you can visit the local DMV office and leave the plates there. Only after surrendering the license plate, can you cancel the insurance.

If you need more detailed info on the above-mentioned procedures, you can call the Wisconsin DMV office. The telephone number is (608) 264-7447. Always keep in mind that driving without a license plate is illegal and you can get penalties for that.

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