Wisconsin Plumbing License

Wisconsin Plumbing License

Plumbing is considered one of the most required and important professions. To get a plumbing license,  you need to read this step-by-step guide.

How do I get a plumbing license in Wisconsin?

First of all, you need to know what types of plumbing licenses are available in the State of Wisconsin.

  •  An apprentice must work with the experienced plumbers for the new professional skills. At this stage, you can not work alone. And you should be at least 18 years old.
  • To work as a  journeyman plumber in the State of Wisconsin, you need to complete 5- year apprenticeship with a master. You need to pass the state-required exam as well.

In this case, a journeyman plumber may work without a master. But he can not start his own business with the contract.

  •  A master plumber has passed the Wisconsin master plumber’s exam and worked for several years. A master plumber may start his own business.

What are the steps to getting my plumbing license in Wisconsin?

Step 1 – Complete the educational process:

Usually, the educational program lasts 2 years. And the classes teach you about the water heaters, plumbing codes, pipe fitting. Besides, you need to buy the working tools.

Step 2 – Complete the licensing exam:

A journeyman plumber’s license examination test includes two parts. The first part consists of 87 questions and the second part consists of 120 questions.

The exam fee is $20 and an extra application fee costs $10. After passing the exam, you must pay the exam fee cost $180.

As soon as you become a journeyman you may apply for the master plumber’s exam.

Step 3 – Pass the criminal background check:

A criminal record will not prevent you from getting your Wisconsin plumbing license. But you need to present a criminal felony disclosure statement for the application process.

After getting your license you need to consider, that joining the Union may bring many benefits for you. It may help you to gain the apprenticeship as well.

The State of Wisconsin does not have an exchange with the other states.

So that means, that you will not be able to work with your Wisconsin plumbing license in another state.

You must consider, that you will need to renew your license. And you will get a renewal application for your license approximately 4-6 weeks before the expiration date of your license. The license renewal cost is $40 before the expiration date. But in case of a late renewal, you must pay an additional $25.

Can I do my own plumbing in Wisconsin?

You need to know, that the license is required to install plumbing in Wisconsin, except for the cases when you apply for the plumbing work on your property. But to install the plumbing in your own dwelling, you must live there.

So there are some required points, that you need to consider before installing the plumbing on your property:

  • The plumbing should be inside the building.
  • The work must be performed in the dwelling that belongs to one family.
  • The home should be your primary residence.
  • You must occupy the home so that the plumbing process does not need new construction.
  • You perform the plumbing in the farm building.
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