Wisconsin Real Estate License

Wisconsin Real Estate License

If you want to become a licensed real estate agent in the state of Wisconsin, you should certainly obtain a Wisconsin real estate license. For that, you should comply with the laws and regulations set forth to regulate the real estate industry.

The time it takes to become a real estate agent in Wisconsin

In general, it take applicants from three to six months to complete the entire licensing process and receive their real estate licenses.

In case you need to have the license sooner, you may shorten the studying time and get the license in two months. It is not preferable to hurry the process as it may entail some problems.

How to become a licensed real estate agent in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, the basic requirements for licensure are being at least 18 years old and a US citizen/lawfully admitted alien.

The other requirement is having a high school diploma (or its equivalent).

Step 1: Complete pre-licensing courses

To qualify for a real estate agent, you must complete state required 72 hours of pre-licensing courses. You may also complete 10 academic semester credit hours in real estate in a high level educational establishment.

Those applicants, who held a license in another state within the past two years, can complete 13 hours of pre-licensing education and be eligible for a license.

What comes to professional courses, they are available to take both online and in classroom. Most of them offer elective exam prep courses and tools, which guarantee higher passing rates.

In Wisconsin, most pre-licensing courses cover the following topics:

  • Property characteristics and definitions
  • Forms of ownership
  • Transfer and recording of title
  • Property value and appraisal
  • Contracts and agency
  • Real estate practices and principles
  • Finances and settlement
  • Math
  • Real estate rules
  • Duties and obligations
  • Licensing requirements

After finishing the courses, you will need to take and pass the final course exam to receive the Certificate of completion. Remember that this exam is not monitored by a proctor and its only purpose is to show that you have completed required hours of pre-licensing.

Step 2: Take the Wisconsin real estate license exam

The very first actual step towards licensure is passing the state licensing exam. Click here to register for the exam and pay the $65 fee for each examination attempt. The testing center will not accept the fee if you pay on the examination day.

The exam comprises of 140 questions and you will have four hours to answer all of them. To pass it, you must get at least 105 of these questions correct.

Note that you cannot bring personal belongings and food to the examination room. On the contrary, the testing facility will only let you to bring in a basic-function calculator and scratch paper.

In case you violate any testing center laws or misbehave, the facility will not let you finish the test. Moreover, they will forfeit the fee and you will need to register and pay the fee again.

Step 3: Find a sponsoring broker

Another requirement for licensure is finding a sponsoring broker and maintaining a friendly relationship with him/her. Hereby, you will get the opportunity to make your first real steps in the real estate industry and understand the details of it.

To put it differently, the sponsoring broker will provide the necessary training and let you gain experience as a real estate agent.

Step 4: Apply for the real estate license

The last step is to complete the application form and submit it to the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Do not forget to include the following paperwork with your application:

  • $75 license fee
  • Copy of certificate of completion
  • Proof of passing the state licensing exam
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