Wisconsin Barber License

Wisconsin Barber License

To begin your career in WI may be very beneficial as the field keeps growing and there is a huge demand for stylists. You are to study hard, however, to keep your position in the market.

The requirements for the permit are going to ease though, owing to the new reform bill that has already been passed for WI stylists and cosmetologists. This means that you are getting closer to your dream.

The DSPS, which is the government agency responsible for licensure, oversees the procedures concerning the distribution of permits. Follow this official web page as it is going to announce the reforms.

Special schools for training

When you find a school or a college, you are to start studying special courses concerning different topics. The training for both theoretical and practical examinations must be of about 1,000 hours.

There are different topics that concern first of all the grooming as well as your personal development. They’ll enhance your knowledge in the area through these topics and not only.

They have included data on sterilization and bacteriology as well. Not only scientific themes but also data on tools and types of equipment are going to be a part of the course.

Practices such as haircutting or straightening are not an exception. Laws and rules are examples of other themes.


You will have to gather 288 hours of training relating to the theory if you choose to apply for your certificate only by being an apprentice. Gather the 1,712 hours that remain through weekly 32-hour training in 2-4 years.

You would better follow the DSPS page that we have provided above for new information on the apprentice as well as the payment forms, updates, and more.

Wisconsin barber license examinations

After gathering the necessary hours for your education, you are able to submit an application for the examinations. You can do this through the D.L. Roope Administration. Visit the web page provided and fill out the online form.

The website will also help you by providing important sources to the official handbooks that give a thorough picture of the written exam. This will help you with the preparation process.

The quiz lasts 90 minutes. It covers a variety of subjects such as the scientific concepts that make the 27% of it. The next is the hair care services which compose the 40%. As for the facial hair services, they compose the 17%, and skin care services compose the 16%.

In the case of the practical one, you are to use your own supply kit and mannequin. You are to perform different activities such as shaving with a straight razor, setup, and client protection.

Other activities included are chemical waving, virgin hair lightening, and color retouch. After you pass through all these procedures, you can learn about your results online. When you do that, have a copy of your scores with you. You are to submit it in line with your permit application.

Wisconsin barber license renewal

If you obtain the document and begin working in the area, do not forget to update it as needed. This is just vital because it’s the key to keeping your business running. It has to be done every odd-numbered year.

It expires on March 31st. Therefore, the updating process starts on February 11th and lasts till March 31st. You can renew your certificate online. If not, you are also able to request a paper special form by emailing the Board. The email address is the following: [email protected].

For finishing the process, you must pay the $82 updating cost. In case you do it later than the stated period, you’ll have to pay an extra fee as a penalty for default. The latter is $25. This is why you are to make sure you meet the deadline.

Note for the reader

If you are from WI and want to know more about the state, then this note is right for you. Go by the link and learn about the WI Plumbing license or travel through the web page to find what you need.

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